Our Virtual Companion

Val is our virtual companion who will guide you throughout your use of the App. She will help you learn important tools like calming breathing exercises, psychoeducation, and how to deal with exposure therapy. We want you to get to know Val, the idea behind her, and how she came to be

An idea in mind

From the start, we knew that we wanted a companion to guide users as they experience exposure therapy and learn about themselves in our engaging virtual environment. An intense design process and consultation led us to create Val, an enchanting and soothing virtual companion

Val: From a Therapeutic Point of View

Like everything else in BraVeR, after the sketches and ideas we consulted our mental-health and well-being experts on how to create the most compelling, fun, and attentive companion we could

Coming to Life

With the feedback from our mental-health and well-being experts, we went on to create Val in 3D and breathe life into the idea

The Voice of Val

As Val has an important part of the game, we chose to record a voice actress instead of using AI voice generation. Bat-Sheva Rosenbaum, a professional actress with a strong affinity for mental health and wellness, was chosen after an audition process and she was definitely the right fit

Now Here's Val