What is the fear of spiders?

The fear of spiders is another common phobia. It constitutes an irrational aversion to spiders and can manifest itself in extreme ways. Individuals that suffer from a fear of spiders may find themselves avoiding outdoor  encounters  where they may face a spider. They often will choose to remain home for fear of seeing a spider. If they do see a spider they may start to scream, sweat and run or become so gripped with fear that they become temporarily paralyzed. The fear is not fully understood but is believed to come from one of two places, either a traumatic childhood experience or from seeing a parent or loved one suffer from the same fear. Interestingly the fear of spiders is not necessarily a fear of being bitten.  Research has found that the spiders themselves are fear inducing in their appearance and can be chalked up to their ‘revolting’ shape. The fear of spiders is relatively common with a range of 3 to 15% of the population suffering from it.