What is the fear of flying?

A fear of flying is a common and understandable fear. Unlike other fears the correlation between the trigger and the fear is relatively straight forward. Flying at astronomical speeds, thousands of feet above the Earth in a metal tube can objectively be seen as frightening. People fail to understand how the plane stays aloft in flight and fear it will suddenly plummet to the ground. This lack of understanding can become a real issue, with individuals avoiding flying at all costs. Vacations will be canceled and business trips postponed, all to avoid flying. For some the fear does not inhibit getting on a plane, but will cause them tremendous anxiety and a very uncomfortable flight to say the least. Aside from falling out of the sky people fear terror attacks, crash landing or a slew of other issues that coud possibly arise when flying. CBT, meditation or exposure therapy can help people become and remain calm, as well as self help through VR. As well as prepare them to fly by confronting and overcoming their fears.