The 5 second rule to get you out of bed

The 5 second rule to get you out of bed

Evolutionarily speaking our brains are wired to not take risks, we are wired to stay safe. Our minds are designed to stop us from doing things that might hurt us; in this video, Mel Robbins dives into the ways to beat your brain and get out of bed to take on the day. 

Here is a summary of this inspiring lecture: 

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Don’t Hesitate

We all have this bad habit of hesitating. This triggers anxiety because the brain wants to protect us so it sees hesitation and immediately assumes there is a threat. All of our problems can be traced back to silence and hesitation. 

According to Robbins, our lives come down to our decisions, and if we change our decisions we can change everything.

Stuck in a Rut

Sometimes we have these moments in life where things are just not working out the way we thought they would, we're stuck. 

Robbins shares her personal experiences of failure and devastation. She found that she would rather sleep in bed than wake up and face the tough days ahead. We all do this. We hit the snooze button and we check out, we don't want to face the tough times ahead. 

We make these small detrimental decisions that slowly eat away at us, at our goals and ambitions, and take us so far off track.

Climbing back out of the hole we dug ourselves into 

The question is then how do we solve these problems?

How do we get back to winning?

How do we get out of feeling trapped?

How do we discover our greatness and solve our problems?

We usually know what to do but we can't get ourselves to do it, we can't stop procrastinating and get out of our heads. Our hesitation always holds us back. 

We need to learn to lean into the intentions we want and get out there and change and live a better life. 

Mel’s 5-second rule 

According to Robbins, we need to move within five seconds. We have a five-second window to move from idea to action after which our brain will try to stop us. It sounds simple, and if we practice it enough, it will definitely help us gain momentum and progress in life.   

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Melanie (Mel) Robbins is an American lawyer, television host, author, and motivational speaker.