Overcome the fear of heights, enclosed places or MRI scans at your own pace. All using evidence-based methods in an innovative and fun VR World

By facing your fears, you'll get SUPERPOWERS

OK... maybe not Superpowers, but studies show that it'll definitely improve your life.

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30 Years, Hundreds of studies

When using braVeR you'll enjoy the knowledge and data of 30 years of research and hundreds of studies.

braVeR is a VR world

While using braVeR you can experience each of the spaces, each with levels and tools for empowering you to overcome a specific fear.

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Why braVeR?

Because of the Spaces

With braVeR you can overcome your fear of heights, closed places, or MRI scans, each has its own dedicated space with levels and tools.

Because of the Science

Every space, level, and task in braVeR has been tested with experts and users and based on proven methods and studies. 

Because it's Hassel Free

Using Technology and Gamification, we've created a solution that is therapist-free, drug-free and a fraction of the cost of any alternative.

Because it's Effective

braVeR adapts to your progress and helps you overcome your fears in 5-6 sessions (10-50 min' each) at your own pace. Start TODAY and say goodbye to your fears in days!

Suitable for adults, teens & adolescents

braVeR is great for users older than 13.

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Available Spaces

Fear Of Heights

Step into our virtual high-rise and make your way through the levels, become accustomed to riding elevators, standing near ledges and more.

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Fear Of Closed Places

Ride the subway, brave underground parking lots, and enter tunnels in our virtual world. Feel yourself overcome the urge to flee as you adapt

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Fear Of an MRI Scan

Experience an MRI scanner virtually, learn what it's like, how it's built and even enjoy it as you feel at ease in the scanner 

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